DURATION                                                             MY ROLE
2 Week                                                                     User Research

Heuristics Analysis, Competitive and Comparative Analysis, Closed Card Sorting, Open Card Sorting, Original Site Map, Revised Site Map, 
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 
Over View  
I did a great detail of analyzing the structure of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to assess the usability and functionality of their desktop website and their competitors.
Heuristic Evaluation 
I conducted a heuristic evaluation of 3 primary pages of St.Jude Children's Research Hospital’s website using the Abby Method

Competitive & Comparative Feature Analysis
I conducted a competitive and comparative feature analysis of the features or services
offered by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's website, compared to competitors and comparators.
Closed and Open Card Sort
I conducted three closed and three open card sort with 40 representative items from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's website to analyze the existing information architecture and identify how it
could be improved.

Closed Card Sorting Analysis 
I was curious of this original information architecture for St. Jude Children’s Research and Hospital is functioning as it is intended to. I met three people in age of early 20’s to early 30’s. Based on the closed card sorting result, users were able to match 65% secondary categories with the primary categories.
However there are some users got confused with certain name of the secondary categories. Some of the name of the secondary pages need to change. Moreover some of the information has to merge or relocate. For example, Our story and History can merge, and information of l hospital location is needed for volunteering.
Suggestion for Improvement
These insights will be reflected on revised sitemap. However before I jump into revising the site map, I need to conduct 3 open card sorting in order to understand users mental model. 
Open Card Sorting Analysis 
After 3 closed card sorting, I conducted another 3 open card sorting in order for me to understand users mental model. This data will help me I revise the original site map. I met three people in age of mid 20’s to early 30’s.
2/3 merged “Get Involved”and “Ways to Give” 2/3 put Hospital’s Achievement as 1st menu 2/3 put “Careers” as it’s own category
2/3 made 5 primary categories
Jaehyun(User 1) made 5 primary categories. She merged “Get Involved” and “Ways to Give” into 1 primary category. She created “Patient Menu” and located it as 2nd, which means she consider as patients as primary target audiences. In “About” she made 2 secondary categories. “St. Jude Hospital” is about who they are and what they have done. “Research and News” is about who is working on the rehears.
Arron (User 2) made 8 primary categories. His 1st and 2nd primary categories are what they have done and how they promote to world, which means he consider the hospital's achievements first as well as think of the business aspect.
Mandy (User 3) made 5 primary categories. He merged “Get Involved” and “Ways to Give” into 1 primary category. His 1st and 2nd primary categories are what they have done and who they are, which means he consider the hospital's achievements first and who made it happened to get those achievements

Original Site Map
I created site map of St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital's existing website 
Revised Site Map 
I made revised site map which reflects recommended changes based on 3 closed and 3 open card sorting data.

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