CLIENT                                                     DURATION                                        MY ROLE
Labelink                                                   2 months                                            Users Research, UX Design, UI Design

User Interviews, Affinity Mapping, Heuristics Analysis, Competitive and Comparative Analysis,Original Task Flow, Revised Task Flow Original User Flow, Revised User Flow,Prototype Design, and Usability Testing

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InVision
 I was hired as a solo UX researcher and designer at George and Saul for Labelink project. Labelink is one of the leading B2B commercial packaging company in Canada. The website is promoting the company's technical information on all kinds of package solutions that they can offer and trying to reach new customers. 
How might we help first time users to navigate their way through the confusing commercial packaging solutions and gain their trust in the company?
Design Process
Stakeholder Request
The stakeholders of Labelink had 2 requirements:
● Streamline the workflow for "Getting a quote"
● Improve general user experience and design on the website 
Heuristic Evaluation

To understand and find the area where it can be elaborated, I started the project by conducting the Heuristic Evaluation of the current website.

Competitive Feature Analysis
To understand what Labelink is missing the opportunity of the commercial packaging industry, I conducted a competitive feature analysis of the features or services offered by Labelink's competitors.

     4/6 have fixed primary navigations
     3/6 have separated“Product” with“Market(Industry)” page
     3/6 offer free samples on product
     2/6 offer case studies from previous clients
     4/6 share big clients name on the website ( on the landing page, or specific market)
     0/6 offers tailored “Get a Quote” form after product details

I did the competitive feature analysis on Labelink with five other competitors. Throughout the analysis, we can see how other companies are doing on their websites and realize what we are missing. 3/6 Companies separated the “Product” page, and “Market(Industry)” page, which means when a user does not know which print technology is suitable for his/her products, a user would like to know what is popular print technology for the user’s industry. Competitors are offering “Free Samples,” “Case Studies,” and sharing previous big clients’ names because they would like to tell users that they are reliable and trustworthy. In order to figure out if the features that we are missing are necessary, I will have to conduct user interviews and usability tests on possible new features. 
User Interview 
In order to learn more about how B2B commercial packaging industry do their business, so we chose 7 users who own small or big business and have experience of ordering packages before.  
I did the analysis of Labelink’s user interviews via affinity mapping. 
Throughout the analysis, we can see how customers are always looking for credibility on a business partner before the contract. Currently, Labelink is doing a great job of having a steady relationship with customers. If we can showcase how good Labelink’s customer service is, it would attract more clients through the website. 

5/7 Users want more updated/detailed information on Labelink. 
We will need to provide a detailed, updated and digestible amount of information on the website.
5/7 People would like to receive a free sample but it depends on Labelink’s decision. 
A few interesting suggestions were having a monthly newsletter and a referral program. 
I will implement these insights to low-fidelity wireframes after that I will conduct usability tests. 

Problem Statement 
How might we help first time users to navigate their way through the confusing commercial packaging solutions and gain their trust in the company?
Low-Fidelity Wireframes
I conducted 5 usability tests. We found what was working and what was not working out. 

Based on the report, I updated the mid-fidelity wireframes. 
Mid-Fidelity Wireframes 

I conducted 5 usability tests. I found what was working and what was not working out. 

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