CLIENT                                                     DURATION                                        MY ROLE
BitRights                                                   2.5 Week                                            User Research, UX Design, UI Design

User Interviews, Closed Card Sorting, Open Card Sorting, Affinity Mapping, Heuristics Analysis, Competitive and Comparative Analysis, Original Task Flow, Revised Task Flow Original User Flow, Revised User Flow, Prototype Design, and Usability Testing

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InVision
BitRights is a digital content licensing and analytics Web App that does creative content management. BitRights is allowing individual creators to upload, license, and monetize articles, photos, videos, music, or any other piece of digital content. 
How might we help creative professionals to navigate their way through the confusing journey of registering content and issuing a license for a brand to use the work on his/her own terms?
Design Process
Stakeholder Request
The stakeholders of BitRights had 2 requirements:
● Streamline the licensing workflow with complex license data fields taken into account
● Improve the general user experience on the dashboard and public library
Usability Test on Current Platform
After the stakeholder interview, I conducted usability tests on the current BitRight platform. I wanted to see that if the information architecture of the web app was organized, and how easy for a user to issue a license of his/her work.
The task was "Issue license of your artwork"
4/5 failed to complete the task. 
User Interview 
In order to learn more about how individual artists do content licensing, so we conducted 6 user interviews. We interviewed 2 musicians, 2 photographers, a jingle producer, an executive producer, and a creative producer. 3 of them are located in New York, and 3 of them were located in Los Angeles.
Once we synthesis the research, we could define BitRight's average user. BitRight's average users are an independent creator who is unfamiliar with content licensing and registering but needs professional creator's need.  
Meet Alex 
Alex's Journey Map
This is current Alex's journey map without BitRights. Alex lost her ownership of Mt. Fuji photograph due to lack of understanding of content licensing .

We identified the opportunity to help Alex. When she gets an offer, if she uses BitRights to sign the licensing she wouldn't lose her right as a owner because she will control the contract as she wishes. 
Problem Statement 

When content creators want to license their work for commercial use, they encounter difficulties because they don’t fully understand the process, and/or the legal rights they have regarding ownership and terms of use. Alex is overwhelmed with the legal requirements necessary to grant rights to others for a photograph she took.
How might we help Alex navigate her way through the confusing journey of registering her content and issuing a license for a brand to use her work on her own terms?
Design Studio 
We had our 1st design studio with BitRights stakeholders. We shared our design idea in order to conceptualize and sketch out possible solutions to our users’ pain points and conducted initial feature prioritization by using the MoSCoW map method.

Revised Information Architecture 

After the usability test on the current existing platform, I noticed that information architecture wasn't organized. In order to revise the information architecture on BitRight's web-app. I conducted 6 card sorts. After analyzing the cart sorts, I was able to update the web-app map to be more simplified and intuitive to use. 
Revised User Flow 
BitRight platform is existing for individual artists to upload the contents. In order for content creators to upload the content effortlessly, I added the 'Upload Content' buttons on every page in order for users to have quick access to upload the content.
Low-Fidelity Wireframes
We conducted 5 usability tests. We found what was working and what was not working out. 

Based on our report, we updated our mid-fidelity wireframes. 
Mid-Fidelity Wireframes 
We conducted 5 usability tests. We found what was working and what was not working out. 

Based on our report, we updated our High-fidelity wireframes. 
High Fidelity Wireframes

Infinite scrolling offers an efficient way to browse that ocean of information, without having to wait for pages to preload. 

"Issue License" button is added in order for user to issue license seamlessly  

Customization of personal public pages was needed based on user interviews and competitive & comparative analysis 

High Fidelity Full Video of Demonstrating 
Style Guide 
Next Step 
Test High(er) Fidelity Prototype
Mobile version of BitRights
Develop BitRights into a social platform
Conduct more user interviews to understand secondary persona, content buyers
Create a portal for content buyers
Create infrastructure for content distribution
Feedback From Stakeholder

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