American Airline Design Challenge 
User Interviews, Affinity Mapping, User Task Flow, Journey Map, Prototype Design, and Usability Testing

Axure, Sketch
You and a friend are on a flight from Los Angeles to New York with a layover in Chicago. When you land in Chicago, you learn that American has canceled your next flight due to a snowstorm in New York. That happens to be the last flight to New York for the day and American has booked you on the first flight out the next day. 

All passengers will be compensated with an option for free hotel rooms for the night, and meal vouchers for dinner at the airport. You and your friend are on the same reservation and you will receive an email with details and a link to a web page where you will select which amenities you want to take advantage of.
Design Process
User Research
To understand the problem deeply, I have interviewed 11 people. I divided them into 2 groups, business and customers. 
Business group:  2 Flight attendants+ 3 Gate agents+ 1 chat agent
Customer group: 5 people who had an experience of delayed or canceled flight at the airport.
After interviewing 11 people, I was able to understand the pain points of the business and the customer and was able to define the pain points. 
Jae's Journey Map
This is Jae's journey map of her going through the process of the canceled flight and claiming her compensation for the canceled flight.
I identified the opportunity to help Jae. When she lands on her layover, she will receive a text message to direct her to the AA webpage to learn about her new flight and seamless flow to claim the offers. 
Problem Statement
User Flow
Before I start wireframing, I started with the user flow of the happy path and all other possible scenarios to logically understand if the flow would work or not. Once foundational user flow was created, I started wireframing and usability testing; I came back to user flow and made the updates 
Hi-Fi Usability Test

What did I learn from the usability testing? 
Password: 1234
High Fidelity Full Video of Demonstrating 
What did the users think?
Next Step

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