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CLIENT                                                     DURATION                                        MY ROLE
Korn Ferry                                                July 2019 - April 2020                       UX Designer 

User Interview, Original Task Flow, Revised Task Flow Original User Flow, Revised User Flow, Prototype Design, and Usability Testing 

Axure, Zeplin 
Korn Ferry is B2B HR software solutions for global enterprises to manage the hiring of potential candidates to hired employees including paycheck, benefits, and improvements. Assess is used mostly HR Admin, Talent Management, and Talent Acquisition to manage employees or potential candidates to see if the applicant is compatible for the job or to see where it can be improved on.
Jeff is a successful car salesman and has been invited to interview with numerous dealerships. When Jeff applies, he has to retake the same assessment tests for each dealership. Additionally, an HR admin has to keep track of his test results (which may vary) from each interview.
How might we save time for HR admin and Candidates by utilizing saved data in the system? 
Stakeholder Request
● Assess(HR Admin): Uncertainty is frustrating.
(i.e., Not able to track what kinds of tests were created for the candidate previously.)

● Participant Portal (Job Candidate): Repetitive behavior is frustrating.
(i.e., inserting demographic information)
User Interviews 
After the stakeholder interview, I conducted 5 user interviews of both groups. From the interviews, I wanted to learn what is the current flow for both user groups to go through and understand the pain points. 
Understanding Persona (Assess) 
Understanding Persona (Participant Portal) 
Current Workflow 
To logically understand the current process, I created the workflow and took notes when I had questions, also look for the pain points where it can be improved on.

Assess (HR Admin) current workflow

Participant portal current workflow

Problem Statement 

How might we organize and repurpose the saved data in the system for HR admin and Candidates? 
Revised Workflow

With understanding both user groups' needs and pain points, I updated the workflow flow, which was my blueprint for wireframing.

Assess (HR Admin) updated workflow

Participant portal updated workflow

(FYI, if you do not have the font, it automatically shows as Times New Roman, and due to that layout might look different from what I have designed )
High Fidelity Full Video of Demonstrating 

Assess (HR Admin)

Participant Portal

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