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American Airline
Canceled flight 


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Mobile web design 

Lead product designer
Lead user researcher 


American Airline
Canceled flight 

You and a friend are on a flight from Los Angeles to New York with a layover in Chicago. When you land in Chicago, you learn that American has canceled your next flight due to a snowstorm in New York. That happens to be the last flight to New York for the day and American has booked you on the first flight out the next day. 

Creating a flow that is easy to navigate and complete tasks from the text to where they choose a hotel, get meal vouchers and confirm their selections.


User interview

Qualitative research

To understand the problem deeply, I have interviewed 11 people. 
I divided them into 2 groups, business and customers. 

Business group:  2 Flight attendants+ 3 Gate agents+ 1 chat agent

Customer group: 5 people who had an experience of delayed or canceled flight at the airport.

What did I learn from user interviews?
Customer - Inefficiency - Waiting

"I loved AA with new branding and I had a high expectation but disappointed at blunt experiences for the customer"

Customers have to wait in line to see a ground agent get a solution, and there are limited numbers of agents.

Ground Agent - Inefficiency - Limited resources

"When there is a situation like that, every ground agents who are working will be helping customers at the front desk and many of them are angry."

Extra Expenses

"Some of the angry customers will contact the headquarter and expect to get more complimentary offers."

Journey map

This is Jae's journey map of her going through the process of the canceled flight and claiming her compensation for the canceled flight. I identified the opportunity to help Jae. When she lands on her layover, she will receive a text message to direct her to the AA webpage to learn about her new flight and seamless flow to claim the offers. 



How might we help Jae reduce unintended time lost when unexpected flight reschedule, but still experience a pleasantly with American Airline?



Ideal workflow

High - fidelity Usability TestRecruited user group 
  • Number of users tested: 6
  • Avg. age of users: 20s-30s, takes airplanes 4 times a year

Previous delay experience: 
  • 6/6 users have previously experienced delays at the airport
  • 3/6 user have experience of receiving voucher(s) from the airline at the airport

Issue 1: Choose the offers

Issue 2: Fill out details

Issue 3: Returning to “BeNotified”


AA Canceled flight flow

1. View Offer
Users receives text message regarding canceled flight compensation offer.

2. Choose offers

Users can decide if they would like to receive a hotel voucher or a meal voucher, or both.

3. Fill out the detail (Hotel flow)

Based on the user's preferences for the number of rooms and amenities, a list of nearby hotels will be displayed. The user can then choose a hotel and receive the notification as desired.

4. Meal voucher and review reservations

Users can save their vouchers on their phones and share their companions' vouchers as well. 
They can receive voucher notifications as desired.

Once they've completed the meal voucher flow, they can review their new flight, hotel reservation, and meal vouchers.



What did the users think in the High Fidelity Usability Testing 2?
  • 6/6 Thought it is a useful feature
  • 4.5 Easiness / 1-5 scale (1 is hardest and 5 is easiest) 
  • 6/6 Users completed all tasks with minor issues 
  • 6/6 Users prefer to do this flow by themself rather than talking a ground agent


“I like how I can do it myself because I hate waiting the in line.” 

“I will trust and prefer to choose American Airline over other companies.” 

Next steps
  • Add "track your bags" feature
  • Conduct user Interviews with hotel concierges 

View previous project (AA My Flight app)

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